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    Monday, January 7, 2013

    Sojourn: Days 6 & 7

    Yesterday I decided to take a break from Social Media.  That wasn't part of the "original" plan but I think Sunday's free of social media is good, so I will continue the trend each week.  So, 4 of my days will be more "back logged" instead of right away.

      Yesterday, I weight remained the same and I truly felt like my body is near adjusted to the new diet of rice and water.  I'm still very hungry in between my 1/4 cup rice breakfast and my 1/2 cup rice dinner but I didn't feel like I was dragging as much as I previously had felt myself, so my assumption is I am getting used to it.  To be fair to this assessment, I was very active yesterday, putting away Christmas stuff in my attic, moving a clothes washer, lifting a table and chairs out of my shed and a lot more moving and climbing stairs.

       One thing that is becoming very convicting is that my hunger for food is greater than my hunger for God.  I've been re-reading one of my favorite books: The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer and in it he discusses the hunger with which we should have for our Lord; a deep desire to know Him and be known by Him.

      I look at my desire for God and see that I do desire him, but my hunger for food vastly outweighs my hunger for God.  Food is ever on my mind, coffee even more so.  Food can consume my thoughts as I smell the pungent smells of cooking food and I can't stop thinking of things I am "going to eat" once I am eating normal again.  My daily thoughts of God are nowhere near as often, nor do I try and think of deeper ways to know Him.  So far this venture has been more physical than spiritual, trying to raise awareness about hunger in the world.  I hope the next three weeks start to develop more of a spiritual reality as well as the physical.

      I desperately need more of God, I need more of him in my personal life, more in my family life and more in my ministry life!

      Today, I got back up on the scale and saw I did in fact lose another pound.  I'm weighing in at 202.5 now but I still feel OK energy-wise.  I must confess I thought that my energy level would be slowly depleting, but it seems semi-normal.  There are times I get light headed and times I feel a bit sleepier than normal but nothing as drastic as I was expecting.

    Yet, seeing the weight loss reminds me of one thing: I am living off of my fat!  My energy is there only because my body has so much fat it's feeding my energy needs off of it.  That's the thought that keeps me thinking that for an American to be struck with this type of hunger won't as severely affect them until their fat is depleted...then they will truly feel similar effects.

      This whole journey has been quite interesting, bringing thoughts about my own habits up just as much as thoughts on the world's hunger issues.  One thing my wife and I have totally changed is my son's waste of food.  He has had a habit of trying to not eat dinner and we would throw it away and get him a new thing that he actually would eat...this has STOPPED.

      I was usually the culprit of just giving in and giving him something he would eat, and she was the stronger one but now we are equally set on not allowing it to happen any more.  Our reason?  Wasting food is convicting, a waste of money, a waste of resource and we're teaching our son he can just throw food away and no one suffers (which isn't true).

      It's still early today but I'm feeling pretty good!

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