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    Saturday, January 5, 2013

    Sojourn: Day Five

     Today, I'm weighing in at 203.5 lbs, that is exactly 10 pounds in 4 days.  I say this not to brag but to show how severe this starvation thing is for the human body.

      No one should be able to lose 10 pounds in 4 days...that's just crazy.

      Imagine someone who doesn't have weight to lose, what this does to their bodies?  It's real.  It's scary and Hunger kills.

      As I reflect on my day so far, I realize that today is the first day I've actually began feeling the hunger pains.  My nose is more attuned to smells now and when I get a good ol' whiff of something my stomach growls and my mouth salivates.

      Today was a HUGE test of my ability to remain steadfast.  Early on in the day I went to my van to grab a few things out of it and I ran into a BIG box of Flavor Blasted Goldfish!  Normally, I would just have grabbed 5 or so handfuls (and I have big hands) of them and continued on my day (that amounts to about 240 calories and near $.75 give or take), but today I resisted.  Next we headed to the mall to get some after Christmas gift cards/returns used and we stopped at one of my favorite fast food places: Chick-Fil-A.  I was all alone with MJ for the order and I was tempted to order my favorite Spicy Chicken Meal (Large) which is exactly 1010 calories and roughly $6!

      I just LOVE food.  I eat it, and eat it and eat it.  It brings me back to my day #1 learnings of wasted eating.  It's not just about watching to lose weight as it is now watching to see waste.

     I normally eat food because I want to, not because I have to.  Why do I crave food so much?  "What is it I'm trying to feed?" to quote Hannah Harris from her Juice blog.

      Apparently I and many of my fellow Americans use eating as a drug to suppress/hide/cover something, what exactly we're trying to suppress/hide/cover I think is individually powered but still there is something deeply going on.  Food is the most widely abused substance in America one might be able to say...yet there is very little conversation about it.

      Not only is this wasteful eating KILLING us Americans (Watch Wall-E) it takes away our ability to be more generous with the world that is DYING of hunger around us.

      I'm not trying to sound self-righteous or like I am not a part of this, Heck I am a 5 foot 9 inch male who was weighing 213.5 pounds just 4 days ago...my fat was due to unhealthy, overeating!

    *I don't think all people over weight are there due to over eating.  I know there are medical conditions that cause obesity as well*

      I know today isn't as "cohesive" as it normally has been but these are the pings in my mind today.  I'm hungry, probably a bit grumpy and I haven't had coffee in a long time (OK like 10 days but it FEELS like a long time).  Tomorrow, I'm going to discuss how I hope some of this personally translates into a deeper hunger for God because I believe fully that whatever I am trying to feed/fill by my eating he is MORE than able to fill and then some...maybe I've just not been giving him the chance...


    Putting up Youtube Video #2 today, so be on the look out!

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