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    Friday, July 6, 2012

    My Piggy Bank is Stuck!

    Not too long ago, I was driving in the car with my son, just us guys.  We were talking about deep life issues like his favorite color, my favorite color; our favorite superheroes; our favorite food...you know those deep things that doctors say determine a whole lot about a person...

      Well, anyway in the middle of this deep conversation, my son blurts out that he wants to go buy some "red, burny gum" which I assume is Big Red (the jury is still out as to what he really means).

      I chuckled a bit and asked him how he was going to obtain this gum and he says "we're going to buy it Daddy!"

      Again, I chuckle.  I say: "OK Buddy, where is the money from?  Who's going to buy it". He quickly replies---without hesitation: "You are Daddy!"

      Now I really chuckle and would have to literally type (LOL) to someone...and it would actually be true.  I say to him: "No, I won't buy it, but what about your piggy bank bud?  You have money in there"

      MJ replies again super quickly: "No daddy.  My piggy bank is stuck, but yours is open!"

     My 3 year old son has already learned the lesson of hoarding and protecting his money...oh boy.

    I know it seems weird but shortly after this conversation, I stopped to think: what am I telling God we're going to do together that costs something?  Once I thought of that, I thought if I were telling God to buy it.  What am I wanting to do but not willing to pay for, expecting God's piggy bank to be open for?

      Honestly, I'm still trying to figure all of them out, because there is more than one.

    What are you telling God to pay the price for because your "Piggy Bank is Stuck?"


    A. M said...

    very interesting - the phrase is good - well thought through :)

    a.M said...

    good job