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    Friday, January 4, 2013

    Sojourn: Day Four

      Today is day four of my sojourn and the main lesson I'm getting hit with is that hunger hurts.

      I'm not necessarily talking about my stomach because I think it's gotten used to a smaller meal portion.  I'm talking about my body.

      Every day since I began this sojourn, the back of my neck around 1 or 2 pm starts to hurt, by now close to four it's pounding with pain and I know it's due to a lack of nutrition in my system.  I am now more aware than ever that this sojourn will hurt more than just my stomach. You can think you understand but just four days into it, I realize I'm not certain what will happen.

      I lost another 3 pounds and I stared at the scale with disbelief when it said 205.5.  That's 8 pounds in 3 days and I haven't pooped in 2 of those days (sorry for the TMI).  Hunger is painful.  Hunger causes aches that aren't necessary.

      Yesterday my focus was kids and I think I'm gonna stick with that focus today, but on a different, more visible (because of the film attached to it) side.  As I thought of hungry kids, I came back to a project my friend Danny Yourd is a part of called Blood Brother where a man named Rocky up and left his life in America to live with hungry, AIDS orphans in India.

      This story was another very influential part of my current sojourn because the film so struck my heart that I could't bear the thought of doing nothing about it.  My wife and I donated to the films production early on because of my friends involvement but now, I would do it gladly even if he wasn't involved.

      Seeing the film I knew God was going to use it's message to impact the world.  In fact, this month it plays at Sundance Film Festival, which in and of itself is a HUGE deal.  I have a sense that it will be bigger than Sundance though and that it will help to launch awareness for the plight of these AIDS orphans, which includes aspects of hunger.

      I know this story has little to do with "hunger" as it has more to do with AIDS but it flows with my main premise of raising awareness for people in the world who are suffering or even dying for things we can help with.

      The film is gut-wrenching and I hope you watch the trailer and think about following the Blood Brother Facebook to see what God does with such an amazing story!

       Today, I was talking with someone and they feared people would see how much weight I'm losing and try and make a new fad diet out of it. It was said in jest but I would be deeply sad if people took something like this and used it for glamour and material purposes.  I will lose weight, but it's not nearly healthy.  I'm making sure I'm checking in weekly with my doctor, who I will see next week sometime, it's not a safe thing to do without being monitored...just throwing that out there.

    Let's all remember today that Hunger Hurts and as we saw yesterday and today, many of the victims of this plight of hunger are children.  We can be a part of something better than a world that allows people to go hungry...we can choose a better way!