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    Tuesday, January 8, 2013

    Sojourn Day Eight

    This is me...in STARBUCKS.  My face is attempting to depict the question: "What do I think I'm doing here?!"

      I walked in and I figured I had to buy a bottle of water because I was going to use their wifi all day, I wanted to contribute.  I walked up to the counter and saw: Chocolate Cinnamon brea, Double Chocolate brownies and a deliciously huge Blue Berry Muffin.  Immediately my stomach started revving like an engine, my mouth began to salivate and my heart pumped faster.

      It pumped harder once the fragrance of beautiful wonderful coffee struck my nostrils and I inhaled that which my body has desperately been craving.  May this be a lesson in dying to self as well then because I fought the temptation, grabbed my bottle of Ethos Water and sat my butt down...not to darken the dang counter again.

      Reflecting on this though, I wonder how 2/3 of the world feels about our food availability.  I know they don't have the food dangling in their faces like I do, nor the means to get it if they so desired, but do they know how much we as average American's eat?  Does the average person from Burkina Faso know how much (or guess at how much) I eat in a normal day?

      Because I know my feelings of people who have full hands of food right now: jealousy and a thought of "Why don't they share?"  My human reaction could be bitterness, anger and a serious desire to steal if from them because many of them (let's be honest) just don't need it (like myself!).

      What if they do know how much food we waste? Imagine someone somewhere shows them videos of our lives on an average day.  What if they saw my (your) average month of eating.  How would those starving feel about our flippant, wasteful eating?  Wow, just writing that and re-reading it is very convicting for me.

      Next comes a deeper, spiritual thought, because as I was reflecting on the physical aspect, I think God brought to mind the Spiritual as well.  Not only are their people out there hungry for food, but there are many more hungry for God.

      We as American Christians have gotten fat on our consumption of God as well.  we have so much available, so much wasted use of the knowledge of God in our culture.  Let's flip the video from just food to also our consumption of the Gospel and the goodness of free worship of our Lord.  We have the food they are hungry for, yet we don't share it.  We have the answer these hungry people need to find bread, yet we gorge ourselves with no intent of bringing someone else to the table.

      How do they feel now?

      Sorry to get all deep on you but this is where my mind is.  I think our over consumption of food can correlate to our over consumption of church and we are hoarding both needed resources rather than sharing them.

     What are your thoughts?  Share, comment and discuss.  Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm right.  Maybe I'm almost both.