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    Tuesday, January 29, 2013

    Sojourn: Day Twenty Nine

      Today, I need to reflect on why I began this sojourn 29 days ago, because I've been focussing a bit too much on the end of the fasting that I'm having trouble focussing on the now and the reasoning for beginning.

      Redirecting my thoughts towards this, I'm thinking about what I am going to about hunger afterwards, because it is such a serious issue in our world that 31 days is not enough to put towards it.

      Every time I see this picture, I'm immediately reminded of who hunger effects and the majority of those who suffer are children!  When children die, people should be outraged.  When children die of something that can be prevented, people should be even more outraged and I for one am moved to do something about it, not just sit on the sidelines and "talk about it".

      Again, I know that Hunger is not the only preventable issue that takes the lives of children, but it is a big one.  My heart to begin this sojourn was to spur me as well as those reading this (that's you, in case you were confused) to be moved to do something as well.  I have not set out to begin a non-profit but to highlight several non-profits who are doing great things in the world and the country of Africa in particular.

      I've recognized my wastefulness in over-eating, over-buying food as well as in throwing away left-overs.  I've seen my heart in how I try to comfort myself with food and my bodies desperate need of caffeine (due to a lack of sleep... mostly baby and pre-schooler induced).  I hope to not go back to old patterns, I pray that God will allow these 31 days to not only reshape where my money goes, but also how I deal with food for my own health.

      Seeing how often I would normally snack and just graze all day long I see how I got to 213.5 pounds and it needs to change.  Paying attention is another thing I've been learning.  I need to pay attention to what I'm eating and I need to pay attention to what I'm wasting.

    Right now, I'm HUNGRY but I know that my starvation will end in just under 2 days.  The people who suffer from hunger don't have that assurance (yet).  God calls us to help those in need, he asks us to take care of the poor and the widow.  I'm praying that from now on, I can do better at these things.

      It's almost done, but the lessons aren't even close to being done, nor are the future lessons I hope to learn from this!

    How do YOU plan on changing?