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    Monday, January 28, 2013

    Sojourn: Days 26, 27 & 28

     Well, I've gone my longest stretch without writing so far on this sojourn, so sadly I've got to pack 3 days worth of content into one blog post.

      Well, for starters, I'm VERY tired, but this is not simply a lack of food sleepiness, oh no.  Since Tuesday Night Hilary and I are lucky to have gotten 15 hours of sleep total due to both of are children conspiring against us and waking up all hours of the night. REM wasn't something we hit until late last night...so add that to my lack of food and I'm pretty stinking exhausted.  Thankfully tonight, my kids are exhausted to and are already sound asleep and tucked away in bed.

      As it pertains to learning anything new, quite frankly I'm not sure these past three days have lent themselves to any new revelations simply because of my tiredness and my busy schedule on the weekends.

      One thing I'd love to highlight though is my friends Film Blood Brother did something amazing this weekend.  It won BOTH big awards at Sundance! (Make sure to click the link and watch the trailer!)

    Here is Director of Blood Brother Steve Hoover accepting one of the awards

       Blood Brother won both Audience and Grand Jury prizes at Sundance Film Festival 

      Which is a HUGE stinking deal!  It hasn't happened since 2006 where both the winning Drama and the winning Documentary won both awards!  I am simply in awe of what my friends film has done and I still don't feel like it's even close to done making waves around the world!  As I've said before, this film is breath-taking, moving and awe-inspiring and the best part?  The proceeds of everything go directly to Rocky (the main character in the documentary) and his efforts with the AIDS Orphans in India.  If that doesn't make you want to go see the film, I don't know what would get you moving!

      These men, Rocky, Steve and Danny have worked super hard on the film and all of it goes to helping these super in need children.  If this story (even without watching the film) moves you, I implore you to act!


      Not only can you donate out right, but you can purchase a T-Shirt as well!  Below is the logo on the shirt.  And Here is the Link: http://www.backpagepress.com/product/blood-brother-tee-by-backpage-press

     It's a pretty awesome T-shirt (I've got one!) and all of the proceeds again go directly to Rocky and the children.  Don't miss the chance to help out!


       To date, I've lost 26.5 pounds and am still in pretty good spirits despite being tired.  I do desperately want coffee still (for the jolt) as well as am starting to think of some of the foods I am going to enjoy once I ween myself off of this sojourn...but that thinking of food doesn't always help.  God is good and continues to teach me things through the journey.  Thank you to all who have supported me in this, rooted me on, prayed for me and encouraged me.  I hope I'm learning but also teaching in the process!

    See!  Here's me repping my shirt!  GET ONE!


    Chad said...

    Just a thought, when I was a kid, I hated peas. On a backpacking trip for scouts, whoever was packing the food for our evening meal messed up and all we had were peas. We had just back packed over 10 miles and it was cold, dark and misty. Those peas were the best thing I ever tasted and I've liked them since that day.

    My point is, maybe try to wean yourself onto some healthy eating habits and you might find a new and better love of food.