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    Thursday, January 31, 2013

    Sojourn: Days 30 and 31

     Well, the end is nigh!  I've officially to date lost 29 pounds, saved over $150 in excess food and have not cheated!

      As I reflect on all I've learned, I see that there is still so much to be learned and so many more sacrifices to be made in order to continue to support the efforts of great people like Chris Coakley and Danny Yourd.

      Tomorrow, I will celebrate with a Nutella and Peanut Butter Toast "sandwich" and a tall glass of coffee with some chocolate creamer in it!  Below are some Before and after pics of me (which is embarrassing) because I promised I'd pop those up here for folks to see just how crazy eating like this is for the people around the world.

     It is not a sustainable diet.  It is not safe to eat this way...yet millions of people do each day and we rarely think about them in our day to day lives.  I think it's important for us to see just how deep this deathly area of life can be and that is why I ventured on this sojourn to starvation.

      I was supremely tempted several times, but the accountability of writing this blog helped me stay the course, as well as my reliance upon God in moments of deep, deep temptation to eat the things I said I wouldn't. Today, sitting in Starbucks in Oakland is the hardest it's ever been because I so desire a cup of coffee.  My body has craved it for the entire month and I am so ready to give into my body right now!  Yet, knowing it's almost over helps tremendously.

      I think I am going to make a jar that will hold the $$ that I would be spending on random fast food trips.  By that I don't mean times I decide (rarely BTW) to have a meal (Breakfast lunch or dinner) at a fast food restaurant, but those times I know I would give into a random stop for an unnecessary meal and when it's full, I will send that dinero right to my friend Chris Coakley for Grain of Hope!

      Hilary and I also decided to cut our food budget by $50 and hope to use that extra to help in ways we couldn't before.

      It's been a great journey but I know I wouldn't wish living like this on ANYONE.  Finally, let me say that this is NOT a weight loss plan!  I said this early on, but this type of eating is dangerous.  For a person to lose almost 30 pounds in a month (unless they are morbidly obese) is un safe. So PLEASE don't do this sojourn unless you are monitored and have a failsafe person to pull the plug if needed!

    Day One: 213.5 pounds
    Day Thirty One: 184.5 pounds