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    Thursday, January 17, 2013

    Sojourn: Day Seventeen

      Today, I'm sitting in Starbucks and I still miss the pep I get from the caffeine!  I LOVE the feeling it brings when I get that little extra energy but like I said earlier, maybe my tiredness is fully indicative of my lack of sleep, so this is a great exercise to understand I need more sleep.

     Today, as I was sitting in Starbucks, a senior at Pitt that I know came up to me and talked with me about something crazy that just had happened to him today.  He showed mea cup of Starbucks hot chocolate and asked me: "You know you gave this to me?"  To which I replied: "Sorry No idea"

      He then said: "A HOMELESS GUY!"  Needless to say he was blown away as was I, someone who has so little willing to share a cup of hot chocolate was pretty awesome stuff!

      That's something I've learned through many poor, third world folks I've come in contact with as well: they share the very little they have, almost always.

     Traveling to Mexico, Peru, the Dominican Republic and even here on the North side I've experienced this phenomenon of people who have little sharing all they have.

       It got me thinking that we who have so much are willing to share basically nothing in comparison.  I feel that the more someone has, the less willing they become to share.  This is not to vilify the rich and uplift the poor but it suggests something deep within our Western reality, doesn't it?  We do have so very much, how willing are we to share?

      The early church shared everything and had everything in common, which means they were a community of Jesus followers who never closed their hand to a brother or sister.

      This sojourn has taught me just how un-sharing I am, with my food, my money, my time and even my God!  It's brining me to a place where I definitely need to reassess many things...not just my eating habits.

      Today, I didn't have time to weigh in so I am not sure at all what I weigh but I'm pretty sure I didn't gain anything, so I'd assume I lost another half pound or whole pound...tomorrow will tell the real tale.

      Still feeling like I'm dragging a bit (thus the deep, deep desire to have a nice GIANT cup of coffee) but doing OK.  Many people thought I'd be dead by now but I am still kicking! Hard part was I went to Eat N' Park for breakfast and watched the person I was meeting with eat some great breakfast food.  I got to be honest, I am starting to miss my favorite foods a whole lot by now.

    Praying for strength as I am now more than half over the sojourn.  I can make it, I WILL make it!

    Thanks for following the journey so far. Keep coming back because even though each day I think I'm done learning, the next day proves to tach me something new.  Let me leave you with this one question for today though:

     "How stingy have you been with your sharing?"

    Wrestle with it. Pray about it.  Be honest.


    Joe G said...

    I have noticed with the older generation (depression babies), that they are a tough nut to crack when it comes to generosity unless its their church or kids. Just a thought. Thank you for sharing.