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    Friday, January 18, 2013

    Sojourn: Day 18

      Today, I've lost 19 pounds in total and have had a creeping friend named halitosis continue to invade my life, conversations and taste in my mouth.

      You know it's bad when your family doesn't wanna kiss you.  So, I've been taking a bottle of scope with me in my back pack so when I know I'm meeting someone for a meeting or whatever, I swish that in my mouth for a few so I don't end up killing anyone with my foul breath.

     Not eating very much does that to you...plus the occasional "burn your esophagus out of your body" heart burn, the once in a while wet stool and a host of other fun things that go with it.  The temptation just to eat ANYthing besides rice has been a constant gong going off in my head too.

       So many things have been going on with this process, I feel like today I simply need to remember why I am doing this: 1. to shed light on a severe issue in our word: HUNGER.  2. to help raise awareness of my friend's and their endeavors and 3. to show what an American goes through if they are forced to eat like a poor person in Burkina Faso.

      I am tempted to pack it in and quit.  Watching people eat food I want to eat gets tiresome and tempting to resist but knowing it's impacting people, knowing people are reading this and knowing I'm close to done as well as knowing I myself am learning and being changed keeps me going and gives me umph to stick with it.

      To date I've heard several of you share personal stories of how this is effecting you, but might some of you respond in the comments?  I ask because I'm curious as to how this sojourn I am on is speaking to, helping, challenging, encouraging you or maybe ticking you off...I don't know but I'd love to know!

      It's a bit late and I am bit tired.  Tomorrow I will post another video on youtube and soon I hope to highlight a BIG long post  about Grain of Hope 58:10.


    Erik Pasco said...

    Your bravery inspires me. You have reminded me of how much we take for granted. I'm sure more people read your posts through Facebook, so don't get discouraged if you don't get a lot of comments on the actual blog.