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    Wednesday, January 16, 2013

    Sojourn: Day 16

     This morning I weighed in at 195.5, which means I am down 18 pounds in 15 days.  I am dragging more each day at around 4pm. Part of it is middle of the night wake ups I'm sure, but the lack of food is definitely starting to play it's role.

      So far, so good though.  I have not heard anything from the Doctor's office on my blood work so I am rejoicing at the good news of no news.  Today, I decided to interview one of my good friends: Danny Yourd who is a producer of the upcoming film: Blood Brother which is premiering at Sundance this coming week!  In fact he's on his way there now (if he's not there yet)!

     As I've stated several times in this series: God has blessed me with incredible friends who do incredible things.

      My journey is small compared to some of the things my friends are doing and I thank God to be  a part of their lives.

    Here's my short interview with Danny, plus some ways you can check out what it's all about as well as have ways give to the cause.

    1. How did you become the producer for this film?
    My good friend and long time business partner, Steve Hoover, decided to make the film and asked me to come on board. We've worked together for 10 years so the decision was easy. Plus, Rocky is a long time friend and I was inspired by the stories that I heard about his time in India. Very simply...I wanted to help.

    2. What is the over all message as filmmakers you are hoping to convey with the film?
    The message is more Steve's than mine. I echo Steve in saying that we hope it inspires people. We do not wish to evoke pity but rather, just to tell a story we were moved by and hope people feel the same.

    3. What are you most passionate about within the story?
    India became a part of all of us through this project, especially the children. They showed us a love that was amazing and beautiful. My passion lies there. We all want to support Rocky's efforts and the children.

    4. How have you changed since going to India?
    Thats a hard question to answer. I hope I've changed in ways that make me look at myself and my needs vs wants. Evaluating purchases of things, spending money, and how I show love to others. I know I look at my job differently. We all found a calling to tell stories like this, so we're looking forward to future efforts.

      Let me tell you: this story is incredible, moving and very well done.  I was blessed to see the film and I was completely moved.  I remember Danny talking about what they saw down there days after he got back from India and my mind was blown hearing about it.  Then seeing it, I simply can't explain that feeling but to some it up: it was powerful.

     Part of my desiring to go on this Sojourn was due to this film so I could look at where I'm spending my money, as well as what I'm eating and how I am living.  Most of us reading this blog have got it so good, while others have it so bad.  We truly are rich in comparison to the world, not in comparison to the latest fad but to the actual, real world.

    To check out the film and how to get involved:




    Just don't miss out on checking this stuff out!


    Joe G said...

    Man......after reading their press release(4 of the 10 pages), I WANT to see this film.