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    Tuesday, January 15, 2013

    Sojourn: Day Fifteen

      I have a feeling my body has now entered "starvation mode" because, for the last two days I've not lost a single pound and I've noticed a "slowing down" of my body as well.  I am here in the mid-afternoon dragging a bit...this is where I am now craving coffee strictly to get through the day, knowing that a cup of the good stuff could keep me going for another couple of hours.

      I feel like my body is conserving it's energy by this "slowing down" process.  My mind's not as sharp and my thinking feels a bit fuzzy.  This is not anywhere near "concerning" levels it's just simply a beginning to something I expected several days ago.

      Another interesting "body thing" I've noticed is that I am cold a lot of times.  I am never cold, so feeling cold is odd to me.  I've been wearing a hoodie all day today, just so I can keep warm.

      I can hear all the nurses and mothers out there now saying: "Stop doing this thing!  You've proved your point, there's no need to be tired, or cold, just stop".  I'm fine, it's not alarming, it's all normal body stuff, so please no worries.

      I went to the Doctor yesterday and they drew blood, if anything odd pops up and they demand I stop, I will...I'm not going to be reckless but I won't stop at the first sign of getting tired quickly either.

      Today, I'm realizing why the Prodigal Son could even entertain eating the pig slop...when you are hungry food just looks good, even food you wouldn't normally eat.  I know I am a picky eater.  I know there are certain foods I love, some I like and many I would put on my "dislike to hate" list.  Now however, I am rethinking my list.  Being a picky eater food gets wasted...food that a hungry person would fight for.  Hilary has made some good meals with foods I don't care for...selfishly I asked her not to make them again, but now I'm thinking of rescinding that request, because wasting food "I don't like" is starting to sound stupid to me.

      In fact it sounds like something my 3 year old son would suggest.  Many of the foods I don't "like" are actually much cheaper and much healthier than the ones I do like.  I love cheese and I hate peas...perfect example.

      I am also aware that I need more time with the Lord, maybe a part of my "sluggishness" is because I've not been as hungry for Him as I should be.  My bodily hunger is showing me that my spirit is hungry for more of His Spirit as well.  We take for granted the food we have, and I think we take for granted the Word we have as well.  I just throw food down my throat without really chewing it...I've done the same with God's word.  I read it, throw it in my spirit and don't really chew on it.  It nourishes me but it doesn't produce the bodily results it should.

      So many thoughts going on in my head but those are big ones for now.  I will highlight tomorrow the Blood Brother Film again and share a small interview with my good friend and one of the producers Danny Yourd.

    Until then, keep following the Journey!


    Joe G said...

    Well said about the foods we eat. We are spoiled. I too need to "chew" on God's word more. Thank you for your thoughts.

    Anonymous said...

    I love that challenge that a sense of hunger should first be tested with the question am I hungry for God. How often do we reach for excess food that could be filled by the Bread of Life!! Your journey had really challenged me!