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    Tuesday, August 7, 2012

    It's a Liger Known for Skills and Magic

    As I've stated in my previous "Leadership Lessons from Napoleon" posts, I believe that our young Napoleon Dynamite who is often quoted has several leadership lessons we can glean from.

     I recognize this idea seems far fetched, out there and hilarious at times but I stand by the fact that he's got some wisdom!

      Today, as we look at Napoleon's next one liner I think we can really put this one to use!

      We come to the scene where Napoleon shares one of his many drawing and says: "It's a Liger, a lion and tiger mixed bred for it's skills and magic".

      Napoleon lives in his mind and through the movie we get small glimpses of what's rattling around up there.  Here we see Napoleon doodling a lot.  His cool ideas, his dreams and even his silly imaginative world are all drawn down in his notebook...but sadly for Napoleon that's where they stay.

      You see, it's not bad to draw out plans.  It's not bad to doodle and dream but there comes a time in a leaders life where they have to stop doodling and actually do.

      This is a lesson I am learning now and it's a BIG ONE!

       Since February I've been praying about, mapping out and thinking through the church plant I felt called to lead.  I've been doodling and dreaming a lot.  Notes on pages, drawings on paper and cool ideas written about.  It's all there, doodled.  Now it's coming time to execute and do.  Drawing time is about finished, the pen must be put down soon, the feet need to move and hands need to be used for action.

     I've noticed that in the drawing stage it's fun. Ideas come to your head and you can map them out.  Sure you lay ground rules and place "needs" within this plan but writing it and drawing it are easy.  It's in the doing that it gets tested.

      That part for me (and I'd guess some others as well) is really kind of scary.  My lofty ideas will be tested.  My drawings will be seen and we will all discover together if it works or not.  Yes, it's scary but it is ever so necessary.

      I've been finding that too often, leaders love to plan, draw, map and write stuff down but hate to and sometimes neglect to actually do.  Many leaders live in their heads and don't come out.  Ideas are great but execution must occur for progress to continue.  We can only draw so long!

       So, the leadership lesson?  Stop drawing!  Put down your pen and do...no more doodling! 


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