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    Saturday, August 4, 2012

    Here We Go Mexico!

     Today, I'm leaving for Mexico...in fact I've already left.  I'm somewhere in the air on my way to Chicago, then to San Diego then a nice drive into Ensenada for a missions trip.

      I'm excited to go and take a number of High School and College students with us leaders.  Much of what we will be doing is relational...working with the people who live there to assist them in things they need help with.

     Some of us will build houses, others will sit and pray for people and still others will engage the little children as we lead VBS lessons to them!

      I've seen over the years God do a great many things in the lives of both leaders and teens as we've gone on missions trips.  I was part of them as a teen and now as an adult and they are always eye-opening and for some very life-changing.

      On Wednesday before we left, the High School trip lead and I got together to pray.   This week we are praying for God do do miraculous things.  We're praying that God will heal people, both physically and emotionally.  We're praying that the students going will feel and experience the hand of God in ways they never allowed him to before here in the states because of distractions.  We're praying that God spurns a couple of these students to love missions so much that they know God has called them into it.

      I know it's big prayers but with God it's nothing.  Will you join us in our prayers?

      We've not gotten there yet most likely but we will be showing up into Ensenada around 2pm California time.  Please pray not just for safety but for God to do BIG things!

      I have a couple scheduled blogs but nothing much for the next 10 days.  However, I will be live blogging while down in Ensenada every night, so be sure to check out www.acacsmoblog.blogspot.com if you want to hear about what's going on down there!