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    Wednesday, September 21, 2011

    Spearfishing is Over!

    This morning as I was praying I saw a picture.  The picture was of a massive sea with many fishing boats with men in the boats.  Each man had a fishing spear in his hand and was attempting to fish in the sea with the spear.

      I noted that this method of fishing wasn't working and I heard Jesus tell the men that they are not pulling in the amount of fish he set out for them to. 

    He asked them to change the way the in which they were fishing, yet the men ignored Jesus. They began to fiercely throw the spears so they could show Jesus that the method they chose would work and they could bring in  a huge catch of fish if they just tried harder.

      They continued in this manner until Jesus voice grew louder.  He said that he would take them out of the water unless they made the appointed catch.  He demanded they change the way in which they were fishing yet as the picture faded I saw no one change the way in which they were fishing.

      This picture bugged me.  I asked God what it meant and I remembered a verse: "I will make you fishers of men".  Jesus in this verse was talking to his fishing disciples.  He challenged them to leave their nets for fishing and pick up new nets for bringing people into the Kingdom of God.

      Taking these two pictures together, I understood the Lord was trying to tell me that we, Bible Believing Christians around the world have been using fishing spears to catch the harvest of lost souls, rather than the more updated method of fishing: nets.

      We've been neglecting the world of those lost because we thought we knew how to fish.  We ignored the master fisherman and continued down the path with outdated and ineffective methods when we could be grabbing people by the net-full.

      What does this all mean for the future way in which we minister?  I have no idea, but in my heart and mind it clearly means some things need to be overhauled.  Some things need to be different.  I know of many people coming to the Lord recently...does this mean their are even more if we simply change the method in which we bring God's truth?

      What are your thoughts?  I share this because I feel it was powerful.  What are some "Spearfishing" methods we need to change?  What are some ideas that could be "Net fishing"? 



    Dorinda said...

    Marv. That appears to me to be a powerful message! One, in your vision you saw men using spears, but GOD said cast the nets.
    May I be so bold as to suggest that maybe he is speaking to you first, and not the world? I say this in full ignorance, because I have not been involved in your particular style of ministry. I just know many times when GOD speaks, he speaks first to the hearer then to the masses. Take out the splinter first, as it were before we attempt to take out the log. Marv, this response is not about animosity and I hope you don't see it that way, I find your vision very appropriate at this time, and also a Word that should not be ignored. Start in your own city, then work your way out. I love your vision. For without vision, the people parish. -Hellen Keller.
    Good Uncle (Doug Taylor)

    Marv Nelson said...

    I agree it is for me. For sure it is for me. That is why I use the "we" statements rather than the "you" statements. I felt it was also for others since there were men around me in the boats, and not just myself. It was a host of men toiling at fishing with spears, so I deduced it was a larger audience than one. I don't take it as animosity at all.

    Erik said...

    I have not had any visions, but similar convictions that could match your vision. I have been praying and searching for the reason for the lack of fruit from the harvest. The more I look into it, the more individuality I see. I do not have first hand knowledge, only reports and case studies. A spear fisher fishes on his own, and will get enough fish for himself. To fish with a net, at least a big net, you need the help of others. When they haul in the fish, there is fish for each of them and a surplus for others. Also, a spear-fisher who is successful can boast in himself while a team has no room for individual boasting. Just some thoughts....


    Marv Nelson said...

    Well said! I agree fully. Those are great and powerful insights!

    Anonymous said...

    It's a great vision for reaching the lost through unified teamwork. Spear fishing requires you to sneak up on them in shallow water, establish identity and then hopefully spear the right ones. Net fishing is a team activity where you all throw out a wide net in deeper water and pray for the fish to be caught since you really can't see them until you pull in the net. Then you sort the harvest together.