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    Monday, September 26, 2011

    Has God Spoken?- Book Review

     Many books have sought to disprove the Bible;  others have been written to prove the Bible is the Word of God.  This book is written with such an intent and it does a great job!

      This is my second Hank Hanegraaff book and I was just as happy with the second book of his as I was with the first.  Hank expertly takes on most of the criticism against the Bible and shows how the arguments against the Bible have little to no merit.

      We find ourselves in a precarious place in history where the world would like to discredit the Scriptures and even factions within the church challenge it's validity, so a book like this is most very welcome into the fold of Christian literature.

      I have heard, read or studied most of the points Hank brings in this book, but never have I seen such a compelling and comprehensive defense for Scripture.

        This book will help anyone grasp how in fact the Bible is the Word of God.  They will also see how history, astrology, archeology and many other scientific branches help prove the truths of Scripture.  Hank takes you into each argument; shares what many in opposition to the Bible think and using the same modes the opposition used to disprove certain aspects of the Bible, he uses to prove those same aspects of the Bible.

      I am sure I will use many of the facts found in this book to show those who ask how true the Bible is.  The mere fact that is has been around for thousands of years without distortion is in and of itself a miracle, much less the prophetic words coming true.

      I think this book is particularly compelling for people under the age of 30, where much of the recent debate has waged war on this age group and challenged them to see for themselves if the Bible really is true and useful for using as a guide for life.  Many, if not all of the normal questions about the Bible's truth and validity are posed and answered in this book.  Don't miss out!

      In conclusion to my review here, I would like to say it is important to not only believe in the Holy Scriptures but to have an educated defense as to why the Bible is truly inspired and not just a fictional tale of feel good, moral lesson stories.  This book truly gives the education needed in order to give an answer to those who ask about the Bible!