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    Wednesday, September 28, 2011

    Love, Sex, and Happily Aver After

      When I first signed up to read this book, I was unaware that it was: A.) a reprint and B.) a book for newly-weds or almost-marrieds.  Needless to say, I was sad at finding these two things, yet I am glad to have read this book.

      I am a huge fan of Craig Groeschell and lifechurch.tv, I think God is using him and the church to do great things in this country for the Name and Glory of Jesus.

      This book follows along those same lines.  Craig's style is very upfront, authentic and in your face.  He doesn't peter around hot topics, nor does he give room for the reader to interpret his main intent...he just spits it out there and asks the reader to chew on it for awhile.

      This book is written in that mode of thinking.  Craig goes through many of the myths newly-weds or almost marrieds go through, such as sexual myths and the idea of "playing house before married".  He attacks culturally upheld views of cohabitation before marriage as "OK" and breaks down how it can be dangerous for not only the marriage relationship as a whole but for the sexuality of the couple as well.

      Craig then, after dismantling widely held, non-Biblical views about love, sex and marriage goes to reassemble the marriage story using the Bible as his main driving text.  He asks the reader to rethink terms like "husband" and "wife" and to place a Biblical view over their eyes to see how God views those things and how we as the American culture have distorted a beautiful thing.

      Lastly, he reminds the reader that this marriage thing is much more than saying the words "I do" but actually living out a covenant for life.  Marriage is not a "legal contract" that a couple can someday (if they choose) get out of.  It is a life covenant where you are physically, spiritually and emotionally lining your life with another.

      This is a great book to hand engaged couples.  I believe it will cause some people to rethink if they are fit for marriage and will also cause most to strengthen their marriage either before it begins or in the midst of it.  It is a challenging read and much encouraged to any married person.  It will remind us married folks what the covenant is all about and will help the engaged or single folks to see what marriage should be, not what is has been defined as by our culture.

      Take time to read this one..it's worth it!