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    Thursday, January 22, 2009

    Guard Against Lorena Bobbit Pt.3

    Part 3 of the Lorena Bobbit series and the last segment. I've discussed how this series was spawned in my heart and mind by reading Wild at Heart by John Eldridge and how I was simply taking some ideas he brought up in the book ad interacting with them here. This is the same as all the other three entries. His third "man-need" was every man needs a Beauty to save. John talked about the innate desire we men have to rescue the damsel in distress, search out a worthy woman and rescue her. This is why he says that in most "man-films" not only is there brutal, bloody battles, there is a romantic twist where the hero must save the woman, or must love a woman...Somehow, somewhere in these "man-films" this is true. Take for example Troy, Helen of Troy is the catalyst for the fighting. Gladiator has two woman, one is the dead wife of Maximus that he is romantically avenging, and the other is the Princess of Rome who has an attraction to Maximus. The list goes on and on.

    My point is this: I agree that this is an innate piece of manhood. However, it's hard for us to detect it and more often then not, it gets men in trouble. It gets men into trouble because when it comes to a Beauty to save, our brain overlooks all things but the beauty we wish to save. This s both highly romantic and highly stupid. For example, a young boy who loves a young girl. The young girl hates her house and wants to be rescued away. The young boy, seeing his opportunity to free the young girl, steals her away one night on a romantic whim, they move in together and...usually the story doesn't end with "and they lived happily ever after..."

    You see, I got lucky! There was no real BIG issue of rescuing I did for my wife Hilary. we started dating when we were 16...I stupidly broke up with her TWICE during our relationship. She took me back both times and now we are happily married, with a son on the way! However, I learned early on that I could be her hero in serving her, loving her and treating her right. We men have an innate saving complex so much so that when our woman have troubles, we try to rush in and fix it. I'm slowly learning when this is OK, and when I need to simply listen...

    What's my point? Where is Lorena Bobbit in here? Well, Lorena doesn't want to be rescued. She doesn't let the man be a man and save her. I said I got lucky, because my wife let's me save her, she allows me to be her hero and tells me I am such. But so many woman try to do it on there own all the time. Pushing away their husbands, not letting them be their hero.

    This is not to say at all that woman are weak and can't help themselves...I'm simply saying that when the World of Woman tell the World of Men: "I don't need you...EVER!" it emasculates them. Feminism is good and feminism is bad. The past 25 years, woman have been standing up for themselves more and more...which is good and needed...but they've also been emasculating men more and more. In feminists attempt to have respect, they've slashed at the men who truly wanted to rescue them, love them and be there hero. Men need to hear the words: "You're my hero" and when they don't they shut down.

    This world is full of emasculated men wandering around looking for the thing to make them men. They don't step up to rescue even their own children...it's sad.

    I am thankful that my wife lets me save her. Has she ever told me she doesn't need me? Yea, but she lets me be her hero. I'm a lucky guy!

    This is why fathers who have daughters love to be the hero to their daughters...they feel manly in the protecting role. This is why men call out their boys to protect their sisters. Men, it's OK to be men ad want to rescue your ladies. After all, the ultimate MAN, Jesus rescued us all, who are His Bride!

    If you are interested in reading Wild at Heart whether you are a man or woman, I encourage you to do so. Trust me it will help you understand manhood and boyhood with a clearer picture than without reading it. Either go to the library and pick it up, or click on the picture below, it'll take you to a link where you can buy it.