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    Friday, January 23, 2009

    The Gift of Psalms

    The Gift of Psalms is the most recent release of the Word of Promise audio series. This is different from any audio bible series I've ever encountered. It is set up as a 50 Day devotional, both in print form and in audio form. The audio is done by many well-known actors whilst the devotional reflection on each Psalm is written by Lori Jones.
    I've never been one to pop in the audio Bible and simply listen to a person read the Bible to me, but I found myself doing that with this series. I enjoyed the fact that Thomas Nelson also included the devotional reflection on the audio. Most audio Bibles of this nature wouldn't include that on the CD's. The acting voices, the music and the reading are as the English would say: "Spot On". It is very well done, and well written. I enjoyed this book cover to cover and audio track to audio track.

    The one thing that struck me about this series is you can now have a devotional while driving! If you have a CD player in your car, you can go through the Psalms, while reflecting on them on your way to work. As a pastor, I hear people always telling me how they wish they could have a devotional time in the car while they drive, but don't know how. I will recommend this as a way of doing just that!

    The layout of the book is this way: The Psalms are on the left and the devotional reflection is on the right, both the Psalm and the reflection take a page each, making this a 101 page book. It is easy to read and on very high quality paper. The only thing I didn't like about the book itself is that the title of the Psalm and the title of the devotional reflection were in a really flowery font that for me was hard to read. I was surprised at the quality of paper that Thomas Nelson chose to use while keeping it priced at only $20.

    This is a devotional that I believe will help commuters as well as readers alike to come closer to God. Well done book ad very well done audio make this a top rated devotional experience!