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    Sunday, January 25, 2009

    Christian Writers' Market Guide 2009

    Publisher: WaterBrook Press
    Paperback: 560 pages
    Language: English

    The Christian Writers' Market Guide is indeed the Essential reference tool for the Christian writer. I know this, because I am myself an aspiring author who has been helped tremendously by this work. This book is full of resources that have been compiled for the past 24 years. Sally Stuart has been writing these guides for 24 years and has only gotten better with each year. This book is more comprehensive, more detailed and better laid out than the past years. It includes 1,000 markets for written word, 416 book publishers and 98 literary agents among other things. The amazing thing about these guides is that not only does Sally do all the leg work of finding out who the current agent is for each an every publisher, she also lays out which publishers are accepting or not accepting unsolicited manuscripts. This is key for especially for those who are like me, new first time authors. I've never been contracted, and publishers who are not accepting unsolicited manuscripts would simply throw my manuscript in the trash. This book helps me NOT waste time.

    Also, this book has a great advantage in its development of a CD that perfectly compliments the text. At the end of the book is an exhaustive index with everything in the book as well as what is on the CD. It is well laid out, easy to find and better than last years edition.

    Last year was my first year of delving into Publishing. I contacted a few people, one being Terry Whalin who told me I needed to buy this book (2008 edition). I did just that, I studied it, I used it and am now currently awaiting a publisher to answer my query while hoping I get a contract! SO when I say this edition is better, it's because I know it is.

    I haven't even begun to mention how helpful this book is. There are numerous helps for authors, from freelancing to blogging alliances. Whether you are a first time author or an old guy in the game this book will help you again and again. It is a must buy for all authors, it helps you hone your skills as well as gives you the contacts of the very people you want to hire you!

    On the back cover of the book, here is what is outlined:
    - 1,000 markets for the written word
    - 416 book publishers (33 new for '09)
    - 654 periodicals (52 new for '09)
    - 98 literary agents
    -121 new listings in Resources for Writers
    -226 poetry markets
    -316 photography markets
    -25 African American Markets, and
    - 166 contests (29 new for '09)

    Trust me when I say this book is a must have for any writer and even photographers in the Christian Market. If you have a great idea for a book...don't let it go by, get the tools you need starting with this book, get out there and write your book, because only you can!

    Below is a link to purchase this book. You could also click on the picture of the book for the same link.