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    Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    Guard Against Lorena Bobbit Pt.2

    If you haven't yet, read "The Emasculation of Men" and "Guard Against Lorena Bobbit Pt. 1" before proceeding.

    Satan loves the spirit of Lorena Bobbit. He enjoys watching men be stripped of manhood. If he could, he would emasculate all Christian men making them fearful beings who never put up a fight. What we all (woman included) forget is that every day, we are in a violent, bloody war against Satan. If he could make us calm, little puppies instead of fearsome lions, he could make a HUGE negative impact on our lives, our churches and our world.

    In the movie Troy Brad Pitt plays an ego-centric, violent, angry, frustrated warrior named Achilles. He is an amazing warrior, who has a following of the Mermadins (the most feared warriors in all the known world at this time). On his way to wage war on the city of Troy, he gives his men a pep-talk. He reminds them how much the people fear them. He revels in their victories and he then says: "We are Lions". He says this with such passion and strength that after the men remember they are lions, they start shouting and getting violent.

    In this Spiritual war, we men need to step up as the Lions we were always meant to be. Not neutered lions either! When a lion is neutered, he loses all passion, all desire and he's content to be tame, docile and lazy. Jesus is called the Lion of Judah and believe me...he's "No Tame Lion" (C.S. Lewis The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe). He's a Lion ready to pounce on the enemy, rip his guts out and spit them on the ground!

    Men, we all have a battle to fight! A great pastor named Mark Driscoll reminds us men of this on his blog (http://theresurgence.com/). He has soldiers, boxers and other such men appear on his blog, talking about being violent men...for the Kingdom. Why have we lost our desire to go into battle and wage war on the enemy? Lorena has been in the Church too long.

    Men! The Armor of God is ours to wear! Jesus is our commander, reminding us of how he has won battle after battle. We are Lions and we don't have to be "tame"! Let's meet Satan head on, let's be with people who need Jesus and fight for their souls as you would a dying comrade on the battle field. Why have we lost this vigor? We've been tame for far too long.

    However, don't go into battle blindly! Read Ephesians 6:10-18. Keep Your Swords Sharp!