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    Monday, October 6, 2008

    What's so BIG about Authenticity? Pt. 1

    The "emerging culture" today is all about authentic, real, honest and frank discussions. No more can Christians hide behind their "Christian-eize" (the language of Christians that uses words people outside the church don't understand). We must be open, honest and real with people. In fact, I believe that Christ has called the church to this type of authenticity since the inception of our faith.

    1st John 1:5-2:14 shows us this truth. Where the author (John) challenges us to confess our sins to one another, to admit we are sinners and discusses how we should be honest about our junk. The chapter is entitled: Walking in the Light and being authentic is a HUGE portion of walking in the Light!
    The culture today is hungry for people to be open and honest with them and by the same token to allow them to be open and honest with you...without you judging them! This is a difficult road for us Christians, because we'll have to hear (without judgment) non-Christians being honest with us and saying such things as: I'm gay and I live with my husband...

    Our "knee-jerk reaction" sometimes is to tell this person what sin they're in and how they need to repent now. However, if we give in to this auto response...we will actually turn people away from Christ. If we are people of love, as Christ was. We will simply allow ourselves to LISTEN and also share some crap in our lives...because it's there! When we build a relationship with the person we may find that they've been sexually abused, so left the idea of a heterosexual relationship by the way-side because of their wounding, or whatever the story maybe.

    Authenticity is a big deal because people nowadays need something real, not just an "idea" or simply a "though provoking theology" they desire a connection to a bigger than them story. They desire to really experience love, true intimacy so they seek it out vigorously.

    To be truthful, the only REAL love and intimacy is found in Christ...if we aren't portraying it...where will people run to? Sex (yep), drugs (yep), gangs (oh yeah), the list goes on. We need to be the Light of true love, because we hold the key to the real deal...we just need to be Real ourselves...

    There will be more discussions on being Real. Please respond to this series, I want to know what your thinking...