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    Friday, October 3, 2008

    Jr. High this week...

    Sorry for the "tardiness" of this post! I should've posted it yesterday, but I was working on my October 12th sermon all day because my brother and sister-in-law will be in town next weekend and I wanted to get it done (mostly anyways).

    ANYWAYS...this weeks Jr. High Youth Group was one of the best I've experienced in the last...IDK 4 weeks! Now, I didn't try to sit them down and have a lesson, but they still were more respectful, attentive and all around in good moods all night!

    Every month that has a "5th week" in it, I do a game night (Jr. High only usually... because the Sr. Highers tend to think that game night means "lame night"). This October, as you will notice has 5 Wednesdays in it...so I had a game night in the BEGINNING of the month. Plus, one "tid-bit" my only other MALE leader had a meeting, so he could not be in attendance...I figured it would be best to have game night whilst he was gone, so that when we do have another lesson, he can be there to help "maintain control" (I really like putting phrases and words in quotations, so sorry if it bugs you...)

    We played some really FUN games! We played first a game called Who Cares? which is a PowerPoint game in which the students break into team and had to be the first person to tap my shoulder in order to get the chance to answer. Most of the questions were ridiculous, but fun.

    Next we played what I will now call a "dough flow" (which means you can win money). The game was called Total Recall, in which I played a 3 minutes clip of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and they had to answer my "in depth" questions from the movie. The prize was $5 (dough flow)!

    We then went into probably the best game of the night, which is called Smackdown! In which the kids can beat each other senseless!! *That was a joke* No, really we had a soft object, in which the person in the middle of a circle (where teens are in chairs in a circle) would use the soft object to hit the knee of their intended "target" which could be anyone they wanted it to be. Then they needed to place the soft object (a hockey pad in our case) on top of a box and get back to their chair before the "target" could hit them with the object. It was a BLAST!

    Lastly, we played a youth group favorite called cat and mouse, which is just that a cat chasing a mouse.

    *Thank You Simply Youth Ministry Staff for 3 out of the 4 game ideas!*