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    Tuesday, October 7, 2008

    20-Somethings and Obama

    *What's so BIG about Authenticity Pt. 2*

    I have read several times that Obama has won over the college aged and 20-somethings crowd. He's seeming to rake in this group of non-voters to not only vote, but vote Obama. I've also heard several reasons why. However, let me set the record straight. This may have been talked about, if so, it's important to reiterate, if not, it's important to understand.

    Why has Obama been able to pull this crowd of people in? Is it because they are politically dumb and see him as a "celebrity candidate"? NO! The reason why Obama has won this age group (my age group) over is because he's a genuine, transparently authentic guy. My age group is tired of secret lives, hidden agendas, false pretenses, lies, dishonest honesty (Such as "I didn't inhale" or "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Monica Lewinsky" and several others). My generation is dropping out of church for these same reasons. Not to mention because of other issues such as hypocrisy and judgemental ism (See UnChristian by Kinniman and Lyons).

    When asked about drugs, Obama is clear that he did do them. When asked about abortion, Obama doesn't skirt his stance, when asked about religion, Obama gives clear-cut answers. Obama has read correctly, the importance of being real to this age group. Does this age group think that he has: the best policies, the best stance on abortion, the best whatever? Probably not, some may, but one thing they flock to, cling to and enjoy most is his candid attitude.

    It's felt that we don't need a "Maverick" but an "Authentic". Even if my age group is what has been said of us in that we are "politically un-wise", most sign on to authenticity.

    Why is this idea of authenticity to real and vital to my generation? Because we've grown up in a land of phonies. Phony politicians, phony pastors, phony TV (also, why reality TV is big, even though it too is being found out as phony), phony teachers, phony parents...the list goes on. I am not saying I feel TOTALLY the same on all these issues (for example, my parents are RAW, dead honest people) but I do feel the same for the most part.

    I'm tired of fake people, fake preachers, fake Christians, fake acts of service, fake politics and fake answers. I for one am ready for real, RAW honesty. That is why, when I preach, I preach stories that show me as the person who's fallen, not as me as the hero. I let people know the STUPID stuff I've done (there is a lot) because they can connect themselves to it.

    Trust me when I say that the younger generations will be even more hell-bent on Transparent Authenticity than my generation is(again, read UnChristian). We, the church as a whole, better start owning up to our crap, confessing it to one another and to God so we can walk in the Light. If we claim to be without sin, the Truth is not in us. True fellowship comes in the confessing of sins.

    When the world sees us owning up to our sins, and showing love to them (see instances of this in: Blue Like Jazz and Lord, Save Us From Your Followers), they will come to know the Light that is Jesus.

    *Note* I do NOT agree with a lot of Obama's policies (like abortion). However, I DO sign on to his authenticity and his desire to get to the root of the abortion problem i.e. unwanted pregnancy. Obama wants to eliminate abortion at it's source, not in it's practice. Also, I know many may (and will disagree with me) and that's OK. I simply need to say what I feel the Scriptures are saying to me (about Authenticity, not a presidential candidate). Please Comment as I desire your feedback.


    jordan said...

    interesting take. thanks for posting. i quoted you on my site (fyi).

    Anonymous said...

    Interesting ideas and I agree with the need and desire for authenticity. However, I hesitate to think of Obama as "authentic" since he's risen so far in politics. Is it even possible for some dude to progress that far in a major political party and still be a stand up guy? Seems like you often have to sacrifice authenticity in order to succeed in goverment. (You know, the whole "power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely" thing.) Maybe I'm just a cynic.

    Interesting take on abortion, though. Maybe some of the focus should be shifted to the root causes (often poverty)...

    Marv Nelson said...

    @Jordan, thanks for reading!

    @Slurve I agree with your statement Tom, I was trying to show how he has been (more than other presidents and candidates) a person who seems more open and honest about himself and his policies. Politics does corrupt, so I am sure he has corruption. Also agree about the root issue of poverty!

    Erik said...

    Ooooh, you talked about politics, be prepared for a barrage of comments ;)

    Seriously, it was a well written post, just be careful of putting your faith in a candidate that "seems" authentic, he might just be a great politician.

    Whoever we vote for, I still hold to a stance that Christians should put 100% of their faith and hope in Christ. People will always fail, stumble, or let you down.

    Marv Nelson said...

    @Erik AMEN brother, all will fail yet Christ will always prevail. I put no real "faith" in politics to be honest. I am trying to think through who will be the better person for our country. To be transparent, I really don't know that answer. I am hoping for a "Damascus type revelation" on that one ;) (hopefully before Nov. 4th)

    Anonymous said...

    Very thought provoking thoughts Marv. I do hope and pray for all of us to have wisdom and discernment as to the best choice for our country as a whole. I do agree that we need to get down to the "root" causes of many things such as abortion and come up with some better solutions/options.
    Be blessed!

    Matt said...

    You can't legislate morality. Love the talk Marvin. This is great; i totally agree, seeing my generation's desire to see people "warts and all."