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    Thursday, October 9, 2008

    This Weeks Youth Group Adeventure

    Let's begin with Tuesday Night, shall we? I'm being honest when I say I get more and more encouraged and excited when I get to teach/preach to these young folks. I am stoked when I get to share my life and the Word with them. This week, we began the series of "Serving With Eyes Wide Open". We've gone through this type of series, before, but this one is better, because it's Got a lot more Word in it. We're exploring the true meaning of service, what our motivations are and how we can Bring Jesus to the people of this world through our service.
    One of the things I've been teaching my teens for the past year is how to be authentic. This series is no different...we are learning how to be real in and with our service. This week, we took a look at true service and our motivations for service. I ended with the fact that true, genuine service, is rooted in love and the eyes of Jesus. If e don't see the people we're going to serve with the Eyes of Jesus, we will most likely hinder rather then help...especially if we serve without love.

    JR HIGH:

    This weeks Jr. High crew was again rowdy as all get out. I have to be honest when I say that Satan doesn't want these kids to know Jesus! I mean we all knew that, but dude, he's fighting hard core to keep these kids in his hands. If you get a chance, please be praying for these students. We are right on the cusp of grabbing these non-Christian kids into the fold of Christ (PLUS their parents!) yet, they seem so far away.
    This month , we are talking about "The Quest" (Our Journey Towards God) in which, we are following Joshua's story of his Quest for the Promised Land, and then i turn our Quest towards our Promised Land...the place where God is. This week, we talked about Journey's beginning and how Satan will try to throw GIANTS in our way to distract us from truly Seeing God...yet God can defeat those Giants. (comes from the diologue with the 12 men sent out to scope out the land, 10 see Giants and say run, yet two Josh and Caleb see God's power and say fight).

    AGAIN, keep these teens in your prayers! God is good and more and more un-churched Jr. Highers come to Youth Group...they just need JESUS.