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    Saturday, August 16, 2008

    The Drive of Passion

    When something becomes a passion of mine, I've noticed my no holds barred attitude. The drive of "sticktoitaveness" that comes so easily with the passion. The ideas flow like a waterfall down a high graded drop. The words move like a strong flowing river, demolishing all that's in its path. It will last as long as the river of the grand canyon, waiting to carve its way into existence, or shape a new path for the future. This is the new-found passion I have for writing. As you can see by the previous post, I was rejected. Now the rejection number doubles to the number 2.

    Here's what I'm struggling with...is what I have good enough for publication. The e-mails are written nicely, to gently let me down to know that hey...we just can't publish this. The e-mails say nice things, like good job, keep it up oh and we hope somewhere, someday you can get published.

    I really wouldn't mind being told: hey what you have is crap...the words you've pounded into the keys that came up on this paper, or electronic paper of yours is just not good. Don't try, give up. I would appreciate that type of transparency. However no one has said that...does that mean it IS good enough, just they're not willing to take the risk on a 23 yr. old with no famous clout? Is that the reason?

    I struggle because I don't want to waste my time, my energy...or this new passion. If it's only good enough for myself...then fine, tell me and I'll stop. However, until I hear that, I will press on, I will keep trying to publish. Again, Michael Hyatt got told NO 30 times...What about me? only 2 so far...28 more to go!

    That's the Drive of passion...foolish, silly and darn crazy. This is MERELY one of my passions...what are yours?