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    Wednesday, August 13, 2008


    Writing has been a new found joy and passion for me. I was inspired almost a year ago to write a book about Transparency. How people need to be real with God an others in order to cultivate authentic relationships. I am passionate about this subject and wrote about 50 pages so far. I felt confident in my book idea, my pitch and my book proposal. Here is what my e-mail said from the editor of Youth Specialties (a branch of Zondervan Publ. Co.):

    "We’ve read your proposal and while we think it’s good, we’ve decided that we just don’t have room for it on our list at this time. We’ve actually got a book coming out next year that is really similar to this idea. I wish you all the best in finding another publishing house!



    Since I'm new at the submissions game, I'm not sure how to truly understand all that this means, but it sucks being rejected. However, I remember reading from Michael Hyatt's (the President of Thomas Nelson (a Christian Publisher)) blog that he'd been rejected by 30 publishers and that that book went on to be a best seller! He said not to lose heart in that quote and I won't!

    I believe that God wants this book to be published eventually, so I will press on.


    Erik said...

    Wow... Marvin the author - i likeit :) Keep at it, it really is about persistence from what I've heard. A lot of publishers are looking for someone with name recognition, which you don't have (yet). Keep writing, I'm sure God will provide a way to use your work for the Kingdom.

    I'd love to read some of what you've written if you ever want to send it to me.