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    Tuesday, August 19, 2008



    biting and grinding food in your mouth so it becomes soft enough to swallow [syn: chew]


    Mas`ti*ca"tion\, n. [L. masticatio: cf. F. mastication.] The act or operation of masticating; chewing, as of food. Mastication is a necessary preparation of solid aliment, without which there can be no good digestion. --Arbuthnot.

    To chew, the thought might bring good tasting food to your mind, giving you the simple desire to be chewing a Starburst for example, or a chocolate bar. However, I want to talk about the chewing of God's word. Masticating the word of God. Making it "soft enough to swallow", that "necessary preparation of God's solid ailment, without which there can be no good digestion". To swallow what God has for us, we HAVE to chew. We HAVE to wrestle with his word, we HAVE to mull it over in our mouths so we can better understand wha God has for us. We can't just hear it and claim it. Our bodies don't all digest the same, so we need to do some chewing too.

    I like the word mastication because it is descriptive of grinding things into a pulp so it can indeed be swallowed and better digested. This idea of digesting the word of God is a passionate thing of mine. I've recently been studying the book of Ezekiel and if I didn't masticate it...I'd be lost, not understanding a thing! So I wanted to encourage us all to MASTICATE the word of God. Eat it up, chew it up and then swallow, to allow your spirit to digest what God has for you!


    Erik said...

    Let's masticate!