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    Thursday, May 29, 2008

    Last Night (Wednesday May 28)

    Last night we looked at the calling of a Hero. I opened the evening up with this clip from The Lion King:

    I highlighted the part where Mufasa says: "You are more than you've become, you are my son...". I told the teens that they can be more than they've ever thought, because they are God's child and they can become heroes! The main points I made last night were that the world's definition of a hero is slightly different than God's.

    The world's definition is someone with super powers, or someone extraordinary doing acts of courage or spectacular feats that average people can't do. God says anyone can be his hero and the calling of a hero is two things: LOVE and SERVICE. I shared with them the stories of Moses, Jesus and David all of whom were heroes and the things that defined them were LOVE and SERVICE!

    As a side point I shared that we need to only please God, we don't need to please anyone but Him, so we can love and serve others, like the kid that no one wants to sit with because we don't care what others think, only what God thinks. I said it's hard and the only was we can be heroes is with God beside us!