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    Friday, May 30, 2008

    Growing Old Fast...

    Time seems to FLY anymore. My little sister is graduating from High School tomorrow and I have to ask: "Where did the time go? Where's Hopey instead of the woman Hope?" It's crazy to think that she's going to be 18 and in Nursing School next year!!

    I also think of the seniors that are graduating this year from my ministry...where did the time go? Didn't I just see you in 10th grade? What the heck! Plus, the freshman I started with are now seniors...where does time go?

    This talk is making me nostalgic...I'm thinking back to my youth group days and see that my Jr. High Youth Pastor (Scott Wakeley) is totally still in ministry in the same position and still loving it. However, seeing students like me in ministry, graduated from COLLEGE, I'm sure he's been asking this question for years: "Where does the time go?" It seems crazy.

    May God Bless all you grads...CLING to Christ!