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    Tuesday, May 27, 2008

    Trip to DC...

    Hilary and I got back to Nyack, NY at about 8pm last night from DC. Hilary and I spent a GREAT time with friends and family. We drove Sue Pettit (m boss's wife) down with us and had some GREAT conversation with her on Friday. Hung out with my sister that afternoon, we went into downtown Washington, D.C. and saw: The Capitol Building, the Washington Monument and the Native American Museum. Went back to Heather and Brooke's house (my sis and her hubby) and watched Tyler Perry's "WHY did I get married?"

    We then went to bed and hit the sites again on Saturday morning seeing The National Archives, the Museum of Natural History and the Mall (which is a BIG chunk of grass). After this fun, we picked up Brooke at the airport because he was on a trip to Louisiana helping out some people down there with Habitat for Humanity.

    After we picked him up, we traveled to CHIPOTLE and had some good grub. Next day, went to church had a picnic at Roosevelt Island, headed home for grub, then watched Iron Man (the Guys) and Made of Honor (the Girls). Lastly, we hit up D.C. for a third time and checked out the Lincoln Memorial, the WWII memorial, the Vietnam Memorial and the Mirror. We then headed home to bed.

    Hilary and I woke up, ate some food and at 3pm headed home...and got there at 8pm! That was our Memorial Day/Anniversary Weekend!!

    THANK YOU TO: Sue Pettit for a FUN ride, Heather and Brookey for an AMAZING WEEKEND and my lovely wife for MAKING it even MORE fun!!