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    Thursday, April 17, 2008

    Wednesday Night Youth

    This whole month's theme has been surrounded in the idea of NOISE. We let the NOISE of the world, our cell phones, our TV's, our computers, our books etc. get in the way of getting to know eachother, listen to each other and more importantly getting to know and listen to God.

    Last night, I challenged the Jr. High Youth to turn down the volume of their lives and embrace something that they may have ever tried before...solitude! I explained to them the verses in Matt. 6:6-8 describe us getting alone with God, and that by getting alone, God will reward that time!

    So many times, we go to church and mark our "scorecard" of our Christian walk...but God truly wants YOU! I shared with the teens how hard solitude is for me, but also the rewards that I have seen in my time of solitude with Christ.

    I then shared the story of the Samaritan woman at the well and how she was seeking solitude (not for good reasons mind you, but she still was seeking to be alone) when she encountered Jesus. And in that time of solitude, she was forever effected by Christ!

    All in all, I think they got it! There was one girl who was shocked that God wanted to be alone with her, that he actually cared that much! It was pretty sweet!