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    Monday, April 21, 2008

    Cherishing your Eve

    I Just finished reading Chapter 5 in Don Miller's Searching for God Knows What and I was struck as well as convicted. I've been reading A LOT more than I used to and I usually am not SMACKED like I was tonight.

    Don continues a vein of thought he started in the previous chapter and the thought is that Moses wrote A TON of poetry into the Old Testament and that this poetry was used to define that which could only be expressed through free verse. It is here, that Don picks up the vein of thought on the creation and Fall of man.

    The poetry thing didn't hit me until he was describing Adam's job and his loneliness and his desire for a help-mate. Don shares that God sent Adam on a job- Name all the animals, to which both Don and now myself admit glanced over this as a story thought only, not a plot.

    In fact for Adam to name all the animals would have taken at least 100 years of continual naming. The scriptures say that God brought the animals to Adam to see what he would name them...it still took about 100 years to name all the animals even though they were brought to him. (this is Don's theory based on the number of approx. animals that are in existence).

    Then the Word of God says: "But for Adam no suitable helper was found" Adam was looking for companionship or friendship with these creatures as in a help-mate. he had a perfect relationship with God, untainted by sin, yet his heart longed for a help-mate as well, some human intimacy. Just think about it, he was naming these animals for let's just say the 100 year theory, all the while looking for a help-mate.

    God, seeing his need, then produces Eve for him. This is where Don's words struck me: "It's quite beautiful really. God directed Adam's steps so that when He created Eve, Adam would have the UTMOST appreciation, respect and gratitude. I think it was smart of God, because today, now that there are women all around and a guy can go on the Internet and see them naked anytime he wants, the whole species is DEVALUED." "...And then I thought how very beautiful it was that God made Adam to work for so long because there is NO WAY, after a hundred years of being alone, looking for somebody who you could connect with in your soul, that you would take advantage of a woman once you met one."

    I know this is a long post, BUT I feel it is important for us husbands or future husbands to ask God to bless us with this type of cherishing. IMMEDIATELY after reading those words, I begged God to allow me to see Hilary as if she were a gift to me from him after 100 years of waiting. I pray I can and always will cherish Hilary the way Adam cherished Eve!