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    Tuesday, April 1, 2008

    Interesting Reads...

    Right now I am in the middle of no less than 5 books! I couldn't resist picking up two more last night! The first book: The Shack was promoted by Erik with a 'K' during our Lake Champion weekend. I am in the middle of the second chapter already and the story is really good, very descriptive and entertaining, yet spiritually engaging! Eugene Peterson said that this book has the potential to do for our generation what Pilgrims Progress did or it's generation!! And you know what...I think he's right.

    The other book I picked up last night is an AMAZING read that I recommend to all my Christian brothers and sisters! It's called Lord, Save Us From Your Followers. It's a book similar to that of UnChristian, which surveys people about their feelings about Christians and Christianity. It discusses some serious issues about our faith and how we can get back to the Gospel of Love and stop the culture wars. Christians as a whole despise sinners in total. We say we love them, yet we spit our faith on them, without trying to listen to them. To the person we're spitting on, they feel no love. So how can we come to show the love they need, yet still bring them to a saving relationship with Jesus? This book has some good insight.

    The other books I am currently reading are: Posers, Fakers and Wannabees; Come Thirsty; Wholly Sanctified and Morph! All very good reads! I may be doing some "spiritual regurgitation" from some of these books, so watch out :)


    erik w/a "k" said...


    did u finish it yet? saw ur comment on Carlos' site. I am surprised by the many haters, but I guess if something is going to stir people one way, it surely will stir them another way. Anyhow, hope your having a good one. Fun to read about Urban camp and your desire to be profound. :)