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    Monday, March 31, 2008

    Sr. High Lake Champion 08

    We got back from Lake Champion yesterday afternoon and there is TONS to talk about. First, let me give some well deserved shout outs: to my wife, who rocks my world! She did an amazing job this weekend...love you! Also to Marko, the world's most versatile and awesome intern! He was asked on Friday night to take over the sound board for the rest of the weekend and he did an AMAZING JOB! Also shouts go to Justin, Lauren and Alex who are some pretty sweet leaders..I actually think my leader crew is the envy of all youth pastors!!!

    God did some incredible things this weekend! Erik with a 'K' was our speaker, and Chasing Aslan (asians) AKA My Book Your Sandwich was our band and God used all of them! Erik was talking about out identity in Christ, where our security is and where we are putting our trust. All of his talks sparked some serious small group discussion, which our group s amazing at!

    Honestly, the openness and time of discussion is one of the reasons I love our group so much! I mean literally, we sat and discussed on Saturday night for about 1.5 hours! It was pretty sweet!

    Chasing Aslan did an excellent job of bringing us to the cross of Christ and worshiping Him! I love their style of worship as did our kids...we were all engaged and pumped for our worship time!

    All in all, God landed. Marko and I prayed over student, and God nailed the boy! God was saying things into his heart that brought him to a point of crying. He told us later he NEEDED to hear what God said and hadn't cried since the 7th grade! WOW!!

    This is the stuff that makes me LOVE what I do. Being able to just chill with teens for a WHOLE weekend, worshiping God with them, speaking truth into their lives, ad watching God come to Life in their lives is it!

    Praise God for His wondrous gifts and blessings!!


    Erik said...

    Great to hear, I love Lake Champion!