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    Thursday, April 3, 2008

    Canker Sore/ Ulcer

    I have an ulcer (canker sore) on the roof of my mouth and it hurts like crazy! At first I thought it was a sore throat that started last Saturday. Some of you may know the Saturday before easter, I came down with a 101^ fever and was sick. However, as the fever went away withing hours (thank God), the sore throat persisted until now! Yesterday I went to the Doctors office, hopin to get some respite from the pain, but he looked at my throat, did a strep test, gave me some pills and said goodbye.

    It wasn't until LAST night that I discovered the thing the Dr. missed...the thing that has been causing my extreme oral pain...a canker sore! I shined a flashlight in my mouth and saw the thin right next to me tonsil on the inner portion of the roof of my mouth.

    This things has been driving me NUTS, it's caused fatigue and some nasal congestion and every dog-gone morning I wake up with cotton mouth, because my body won't lubricate my mouth due to the pain while I sleep!!

    Anyways, sorry to BORE you with my canker sore story, just wanted to let you know how annoying it is and if you think of it pray for me, becuz I am directing the Urban Weekend this weekend at Lake Champion!!!


    Debbie said...

    Marv, sorry to hear of the ouchy sore! Swish some Na+ water in your mouth 2X's/day. It'll help.