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    Wednesday, April 16, 2008

    Aspects of Christ---Healer

    To sort out my blogs, I am going to focus the next few on certain Aspects of Christ. All will be relevant to our vision as well as to our lives. The first aspect of Christ I am going to highlight is that of Healer.

    This past weekend I saw God heal Jr. Highers. The speaker: Jason Ostrander was focusing on the Fourfold Gospel of Christ Our: Saviour, Sanctifier, Healer and Coming King. Saturday night is when he approached Healer and he had the students come up and receive healing. It wasn’t one of those manipulation, emotional high type healing services either. God spoke to Jason before the weekend and told him it was going to be a healing service, but not a hyped up one, simply a prayed up service.

    Students came forward with all types of issues and I was blessed to be able to pray with them for their healing. One girl, the first girl I prayed with was balling her eyes out and asked that God heal her of her constant feeling of loneliness. When she was speaking, I immediately felt her pain and started tearing up. However, after we prayed for healing, I saw her hours later, smiling and excited…God truly healed her pain and met her where she was.

    Christ, all through the scripture healed people. Whether he was right there with them, touching them for healing, or whether he said the word and miles away someone was healed, he was and is the Healer!

    The world and closer to home, Nyack is dying for a healer. We need healing as do the people we are trying to build a bridge to. I truly believe that a church of healing is a church set up to be a bridge. By grabbing hold of Christ’s healing and then healing other people through HIS power, people will come to know the Lord. Healing is a REAL thing today and the Holy Spirit is willing to heal, we just have to ask.

    Will we be a church marked by the healing of God? I believe we will! Through service, healing will be a natural next step to building a bridge!