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    Monday, April 14, 2008

    Tryin to be Profound, hitting Mediocrity

    When I set up this blog, I was hoping to be constantly profound, like so many authors I've been reading, but what I ended up finding out was that a lot of what I want to say is mediocre in comparison to the profundity of high class authors like Max Lucado, Rob Bell, Don Miller, Brennan Manning and the like.

    When you read those guys, you get a sense of awe at the gift that God has given to those men. However, I slowly realized that mediocrity ends up defining most peoples lives and we all need to remember that not all life will be (or should be) constantly profound...seeking profundity on a constant basis will only bring up disappointment, since a lot of life is in fact mediocre.

    I say this not to deny, or nay-say the profound insights that these men have been blessed to bring the world through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, but simply to say that God can meet us in the mediocrity as well. We don't always need a profound "AH Hah" moment with God to be drawn closer to Him...sometimes he wants to meet us in our mediocrity, sometimes he wants to meet us in the mundane.

    For people like me, who constantly seek profound insights about God, it's good to be reminded that mediocrity can also be a place where God meets us!