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    Wednesday, March 19, 2008

    Song of Solomon (Songs) Part 2...

    Last Night's youth group went really well! Dee, Becky and Stephanie Leone put together our whole Easter Egg hunt (with rice crispies inside as well as a hidden $5 bill)! We enjoyed each other's company, and had a great time finding eggs as well as playing HUMAN FOOSBALL!

    The main point that I taught last night was NOT settling for less than God's best. I opened with the "fantastical" scene in the beginning of the new movie "Enchanted" which is the song "True Loves First Kiss". I asked them if that was reality in true love, to which they answered no. I shared portion after portion of the love between the lovers in Song of Songs and I showed the Sr. High teens how passionately in love the couple was. I said they didn't settle for less than God's best.

    It's truly hard to re-create the evening, especially when I know the Spirit was speaking through me, but I challenged our students that true love isn't easy as pie and that Hollywood tends to lie about the truths of love and sex. I shared with them my own marital experience, which is limited to 2 years, but I shared how I know I didn't settle. Yes marriage can be tough at times, its not always lovey dovey, nor should it be but when you are with the person God intended, oh how magnificent!

    I shared a bit about how if you settle either by having sex outside of marriage or just settling for the guy/girl you think you love, you may end up like a lot of America, either divorced or in a loveless marriage. So I challenged them to think hard, and pray hard when it comes to both true love and sex.