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    Wednesday, March 19, 2008

    Got Water?

    You know the feeling when it's a hot day, sweat dripping off your brow and the annoying yet ever present cotton tongue? That's the feeling that you get when your body is telling you to replenish, refill, and quench me with the wonders of the chemical H2O. Water, a simple enough equation, a simple solution to our cotton tongue.

    When this parchment of the pallet happens, I know you reach for water at first sight, you drink the coldest, most refreshing glass of water you can, right?

    This is because you know the only thing that can supply the ever needed refreshment is in that glass, it's water.

    How long have we (yes I am included) let our "Spiritual Cotton Mouth" go un-quenched, un-sated? Sometimes I let myself get so dry that I almost faint with exhaustion. I run my race, and I keep on keepin' on but I don't grab the ever living God to fill me, to refresh me, I just do it on my own. God desires to pour out his loving, living and refreshing spirit over us, and in us...yet we choose to get cotton mouthed and dry. I know I've done it and boy the race sure gets hard without the water.

    This Easter, let's drink deep of our Savior, let's let go of doing it alone and allow our God to refresh our souls, hearts, lives, marriages, work and bodies! He's more than willing (and NOT just during Easter either). Ask the Spirit of the Living God to Rain Down on you!