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    Tuesday, March 18, 2008

    Come Thirsty...

    I am in the midst of reading Max Lucado's: "Come Thirsty" and I must say I love it. Instantly he challenges my relationship with the Lord, asking how much Jesus Drink I've been drinking. The greatest thing is he doesn't bring it to the reader as a "to do list" or a "how to" manual, but rather asks simple questions that make you see you need more drinking of your Lord, because it is he that sustains, He that gives life and without him we end up becoming dry, thirsty and needy.

    We don't deny our bodies water do we? If we do, we become dry mouthed, soon we become irritable angry and then faint. The same happens when we deny our bodies the drink of Jesus Christ. I am encouraged by this idea of drinking Jesus and I hope to slake my thirst!

    BTW Matt's gone now, my mom is home from the hospital and life is starting to swing back to normal, but will soon again be shook up, because on Easter Night, Hilary and I are flying to California!!