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    Wednesday, January 2, 2013

    Sojourn: Day Two

     So, today began as any normal day would: I lost 4 pounds...

      Yesterday at weigh in I was 213.5, this morning I weighed in at 209.5 lbs, which even on a no food fast, I can't remember losing 4 pounds in one day.  Some chalk it up to water weight, which may be true but I feel it was a display of how much useless junk I had in my body just needed to be expelled.

      Today, as I reflect on my day so far, I realize 2 things: #1 I am really addicted to coffee and #2 I miss drinking it and having the extra pep in my step.

      Sadly, a week before this journey began I was looking at a normal 5-7 cup a day coffee ritual which means this here journey is starting off like a drug fiend, missing his fix.  My doctor recommended I start with no caffeine a week earlier than the actual fast because the two things combined could equal a really grumpy me.  I now see what he means.  Even taking caffeine out a week ago might have been too late.

      It makes me wonder how I could get so addicted to something and realize it with every fiber of my being when it's gone.  Is God as intrinsic to me as that? I sure hope so, because no caffeine is intense right now.

      My desire to go on this sojourn was heavily influenced by my friend Chris Coakley who began an amazing effort to the people of Burkina Faso with his youth group kids that has now expanded into something much bigger than the youth group (or he) ever could've dreamed when it began.

      Grain of Hope 58:10 has expanded deeper into other churches, casting the vision of sharing food with the hungry in Africa and seen a growth in participation year after year.  Their mission statement is: "We exist to break the cycle of poverty by feeding the hungry and helping those in trouble."  And they have been doing just that.

       Here is a picture of Grain of Hope's VP in action handing off some rice to the people in Burkina!  My favorite part of this organization is that 100% of the funds received go directly towards this effort.  No hidden costs or percentage of your money is lost in the translation of cash to rice.  

    Starvation is taking a toll on our world.  People are dying and need help.  As Americans, we can over eat every day and miss the opportunity to help those in need; both in Africa or in our back yard.

      Tune in to the radio show today at 4pm to hear more about the Sojourn and to listen to the logo designer's inspiration behind the logo and thoughts on the Sojourn itself.

    *Thanks to David J. Hardie (www.hardiewear.com) for the amazing logo that will soon appear everywhere!*

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