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    Tuesday, January 1, 2013

    Sojourn: Day One

    As I sit here near the end of the day, tucking in my last 1/2 cup of rice, I feel like I've already begun to discover some things.

      I weighed in this morning at 213.5lbs, and began the day already under the weather from a sickness that hit me Sunday and lasted to today.  The slight sickness combined with the little amount of food amounted to a little bit of lethargy on my part.

      I've fasted before so the normal lethargy wasn't too shocking, the real shocker was how many times I reached for or thought about eating food...not healthy good for me food either I saw junk and had a knee jerk reaction to go for some.  I stopped each time and slowly realized that on a normal, given day I would've just eaten that junk right up.

      I was out helping someone move something today and they offered to take me to McDonald's and I know had I not been on this Sojourn, I would've said yes.

     In short, I noticed more today than ever before how much wasteful eating I've been doing for about a year now.  I think if I were to take the total amount of food I ate that I didn't need and put it into a dollar amount for today it would be roughly around $8 and that' not including the amount of money on food I would at in my normal meal time!

      There are several reasons for this Sojourn and one of them is to show what eating like a Burkina Faso poor person does to an American.  Living at near starvation for 31 days isn't something I'm looking forward to doing, but if today was any type of lesson on waste, I think I'm in for a ton of learning...and you as well as you follow me on this journey.  Tomorrow, I will post another blog as well as a youtube video and a radio show...so stay tuned!

    Tomorrow, I talk a little more about why I am doing this seemingly crazy fast as well as hope to interview the man behind the logo: David Hardie.

    *Thanks to David J. Hardie (www.hardiewear.com) for the amazing logo that will soon appear everywhere!*

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