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    Thursday, September 27, 2012

    Thesis Writing

    Well, I've not really been blogging as regularly as I'm known for, nor as often as I'd like personally but that's all do to my finishing up of my Master's Degree which will be finished up here come February!

     I'm in the middle of my thesis work, reading articles, getting myself IRB approved and actually getting down to writing the darn thing.

      So far, I've spent a lot of hours getting approved, passing some online tests, writing my introduction and starting to read the 20+ journal articles I need to read, and cite in my finished product.

      It's a laborious task but one I'm up for since it's a topic I'm very interested in.

      I am studying Pastors and their spiritual and educational growth. Within it, I am hoping to come to some conclusions about lack of both causes burnout, which means the purposeful integration of both could eliminate burnout in pastors.

      Something I've uncovered in my findings from my article research is: that the younger the pastor, the higher the burnout rate, which went against my original thinking.

     I will share from time to time what I'm learning and of course there is more Napoleon Leadership articles forthcoming.

      PLEASE PRAY for me when it comes to the thesis. I need to remain balanced, and on the ball with not only this, but also: Family, Aletheia and Ingage.  I've got a good stretch of about 5 weeks where I can knock this thing out of the park!