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    Friday, September 21, 2012

    Blood Brother

      Last Night, I was blessed to see a Sneak Preview of an amazing film called Blood Brother.

      I can't begin to unpack the roller coaster of emotions that were felt during the film but I will share some of what I thought and a little bit of what I felt during the film.

      The film is about a man Rocky Braat who fell in love with kids in an orphanage in India and so moved by his love he sold everything he had and moved to India to be with them as much as possible.

      This was no ordinary orphanage in India, it is an orphanage that houses HIV/AIDS infected children and their mothers who are also infected.  Rocky's love is so deep, so intense and so contagious in this film that anyone who watches it will automatically start thinking of ways in which they can help his efforts.

      This film exposes that there is so much more depth to the human heart than many of us care to unlock within ourselves.  Rocky is one man who allowed his heart to be unlocked and Blood Brother is the story of what happens when one lets their heart go unfettered to earthly "things" and sees the bigger picture of earthly needs: namely compassion and a heart that thinks outside of itself.

      There is one scene in the film that was gut-wrenching (no I won't describe it...watch the film yourself when you can!) and seriously got me crying, sniffling and thinking about my own children.  Rocky is a man that deserves for his story to be told, not just because his story is moving but because it is also compelling!  Rocky loves these kids as if they were truly his own and through the film that continues to ring true over and over again.

      At one point, Rocky is forced to come back to the states because of Visa issues and you can tell that Rocky is a man ruined by love for those kids.  He can't fit in, he can't reconnect to American culture because his heart has been ruined (in a good way).  I stand 100% by this film and will continue to do so!  Below is the trailer, watch it and pray for the films success because in a world full of terrible stories, we need good stories told!

    Blood Brother Trailer from Blood Brother on Vimeo.