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    Thursday, June 7, 2012

    Thinking About Story

    This week, I've been pondering about the idea of story a ton.

      In fact, I'm preaching a sermon titled: "Live God's Story" this week, so it's been pretty much all-consuming my deeper brain synapses for the past couple of days.

      The narrative of our lives, the story we tell by the way in which we live...it's mind blowing and I agree with  Don Miller when he states in A Thousand Miles in a Million Years that we generally live boring stories.

      Our stories don't have the depth, the richness nor the excitement that good stories have and need to have in order to be a GOOD story.  However, we still are in the midst of a story...

      Here's my question to you today: Since our lives are stories, what would the title of your story be as of right now?  Not the title you wished it would be, not the "religious title" you feel it should have.  But what is it right now?

      The title should (and usually does) say a lot about the book one is about to read.  I think my title would be Into Mordor with the Hope of Gondor

    So, What's the title of YOUR story?


    Charissa said...

    Out of the ashes and into the fire

    Anonymous said...


    Marv Nelson said...

    Great titles!!