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    Monday, February 14, 2011

    Love and War (Devotional)--A Book Review

      Early last year, I received the opportunity from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing group to blog for books and I chose John and Stasi Eldredge's new book Love and War. So, when I heard there was a devotional companion to the book, I had to sign up and get it for my wife and I.

      This book does the same thing the original book does: Hits you in the gut when it comes to marriage.  John and Stasi have been married a long time and they are not shy to open this devotional with the concept that marriage is hard...because it can be.

      John and Stasi have put together a great 8-week devotional for couples in this book integrating Scripture and real-life marital issues, this devotional is helpful, insightful and deeply impacting.  As in the original book, John and Stasi highlight the importance of inviting God into your marriage and expelling Satan and his lies from your marriage as well.

    John and Stasi  delve into the deep rooted lies we believe about our spouses, those things they do that grate us, those things we end up mumbling: "There they go again, he/she is ALWAYS doing that". We let these lies go deep into our hearts, we become bitter and our marriage has been compromised.

    Lastly, John and Stasi go deep into the importance of God as the center of your marriage. How often do you pray together? How often do you pray for each other? How often do you encourage one another in the name of Jesus? How often do you ask Jesus for your next steps together? These issues get addressed and worked on in this devotional.

      I am so excited to promote this Devotional because I think it will be a great start for hurting marriages to get healthy, a good place to continue a deepening marriage and an amazing eye-opener to those who are recently married.  Basically, no matter where you are in the spectrum of marriage, God can and will use this devotional in your life.

      I not only recommend this devotional, but the original book as well.  You can read my thoughts on that book here: http://youthmaster.blogspot.com/2010/02/love-and-war-book-review.html

      Lastly, let me give you a glimpse of the 8-week Devotional by sharing with you the titles of the weeks:

    Week One: Remembering What We Wanted

    Week Two: The Two Shall Become One

    Week Three: The Journey

    Week Four: Companionship

    Week Five: Your Spouse Is Not Your Enemy

    Week Six: The Little Foxes

    Week Seven: Increasing Intimacy

    Week Eight: The Most Excellent Way

      Each week is full of challenges, prayers and great insight.  Allow God to draw you closer to Himself and your Spouse.  Take the plunge and enjoy a good devotional...your Marriage needs it, your marriage deserves it!