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    Tuesday, June 1, 2010

    Hilarious Anniversary Outtakes

      This past Thursday: May 27, 2010 was Hilary and I's 4 year anniversary!  We were blessed to get away for the first time overnight without MJ since he was born.

      Now don't get me wrong, we love MJ but it was nice to have a night off.  We decided we would go to a nice Bed and Breakfast we were at with my family way back in November called The Red Maple Inn in Burton, OH.

      It's in Amish Country so we knew we were sneaking away to some quiet, relaxing times...well we thought so!

      When we got there we were bombarded (from all sides) that there was going to be a Civil War reenactment right next door to our Inn the following day (we got in on a Friday and Saturday was the BIG reenactment).

     Hilary and I had never experienced a Civil War reenactment before so we didn't know what to expect.  We found our way over to the "sight" on Friday only to find a real Civil War camp.  People were dressed to the Civil War nines and we felt like we travelled into the past.  Gun powder was on sale, the town mayor was walking around (and staying in our B&B...) swords were low priced and it was just plain weird.

      Once we crossed the mini-bridge back into the real world we went up to our room to get ready for dinner.  We were going to go to "Mary Yoder's Amish Kitchen" to get some real Amish food!  We were excited because we were gonna get some good old down home cookin.

      On the road to The Red Maple Inn we had some snacks of which I ate an entire bag of Pizzeria Combos (the big bag) so I was just a bit hungry going to Yoder's because the combos (and appetizers at the Inn) were starting to wear off.  I scavenged the menu of Mary Yoder's looking for the best sounding most filling (and least expensive meal) I could find.  Then I found it: Mashed Potatoes and Noodles in a Chicken Gravy.  I was intrigued--could this really be?  So I ordered it: --------------------------->
      I have called this little meal: "Yoder's Carb Coma".  After eating 1/2 of this Amish delight I felt a bit loopy.  My stomached was bloated like I was a freshly 7mos. pregnant lady.  I felt dizzy and not coherent and Hilary couldn't stop laughing at what I was saying...not because I was funny but because I was literally drunk on carbohydrates.  I was sick...so sick in fact that as we were leaving I went up to the little Amish host and said: "We're not paying cash, we're going to pay with my credit card, I have no cash, so how can we tip the server?"
    She in her Amish garb, cute little bonnett and fresh bought Nike's told me: "that there will be a print out of a little paper (she showed the approx. size of the paper with her hands) in which you can right in the "tip" amount and add up your "total" and at the end of the night she'll know what you tipped her."
    Hilary BUSTED out laughing and I was so doped up on carbs I didn't realize why.  She said to me as we were leaving: "Marvin, you just asked a question which anyone would think you'd never been in a restaurant before...much less worked in one for 6 years! You knew the answer to your own question, it happened to you every night."  I thought for a second and realized how dumb my question was!  I said: "Wow, look at what carbs can do to your body."

      When we got back to the Inn we were so full all we could do was sit on the couch in our room and vegetate.  That is until the Civil War drum processional thought that 9:15pm was a GREAT time to practice for the BIG war in the morning.  The snare drummer had about 17 solos to the marching tune and by solo 18 we turned on the TV, and promptly fell asleep at 11pm.

      That is the long and short of a marvelous adventure!  It was silly, fun and oddly relaxing.  Even though I was a little messed up due to the carbos in my "Yoder Carb Coma" we still were able to have good conversation and tons of laughter along the way!