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    Thursday, May 27, 2010

    Seminary Scholarship!

      Since October I've been using the Logos Bible Software and let me tell you it's AMAZING!  My sermon/talk prep is wicked fast and I have hundreds of books to weed through and pull great stuff from.

      Not only that but I can read books directly from Logos, I can see who preached on a certain topic and pick out some cool quotes from other pastors.  With buying Logos my commentary Library increased by 10x!  Today I saw an opportunity to earn a $1,000 scholarship from the PLUS an upgrade to an even better logos option!  I signed up and you can too!  If you are planning on going to seminary or are in seminary like myself you can enter in to win the scholarship too!  Here's the info:

    "Going to Seminary is expensive. On top of that, finding a scholarship can be really difficult. That's why I was so excited to find this Seminary Scholarship website today. Not only are they giving away a $1,000.00 scholarship and a digital theological library, all I had to do to apply was watch a short video and answer a few questions! It took less than 15 minutes. What is best of all is that if you're in seminary and apply for the Seminary Scholarship, and put my name (Marv Nelson) as the person who referred you, if you win the scholarship, so do I! We could both get a $1,000.00 scholarship and digital theological library. So, do us both a favor and go apply for the Seminary Scholarship today."

    Please help out with this GREAT opportunity!  Thanks!


    Angela said...

    got through the video and it didn't direct me to the application. :( Seems cool though. I've dealt with churches who wanted for me to already know and have the Logos program.