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    Sunday, January 3, 2010

    My 2009!

    The year 2009 has come and gone! Where does the time go to?

    In 2009:

    - I was told that I was going to go down to part time at Living Christ Church
    - Started working at Chili's part-time to suppliment income
    - Watched my first Blue-Ray Disc movie
    - Had A BABY BOY!
    - Hilary and I named him: Marvin Elijah Nelson (nickname MJ)
    - Took my ordination tests, finished off my paper work for ordination
    - Got ordained in the Christian and Missionary Alliance
    - Started looking for a new job as a full-time youth pastor
    - Interviewed with two churches: West Gate Chapel and Allegheny Center Alliance Church
    - Hilary and I prayed for guidance and God led us to Allegheny Center Alliance Church
    - Moved from NY to PA
    - Hilary and I said sad goodbyes to old friends, church friends and youth group kids
    - Hilary and I moved into our new apartment in Pittsburgh, PA
    - Started my new job
    - Been working here ever since
    - Wrote a book
    It's been a real tough, sad, happy, trying year for sure! Starting 2009 off by getting a pay-cut and a job addition was bleak at best. Hilary and I had to lean hevily on the cross for confort and guidance as well as lean heavily on one another! God has been good in giving us a new Christian family and a new home...we miss Nyack, NY and the people, but God is good.
    My Next post will be of the reccomended books I have from my 2009!